Exclusive Free Webinar From Jennifer Elizabeth Masters:

Want To Manifest Wealth Faster?

When we recognize our power manifestation becomes easy and effortless, just a matter of ASKING and RECEIVING!

What is in the Free Webinar?

  • Who can manifest?
  • What can I manifest?
  • How exactly do I do this?
  • Why hasn't it been working for me so far?
  • What do I need to do, say, think? Do I need to jump up, turn around, burn sage or do a ritual????
  • What steps do I take to manifest?
  • How can I remember all this stuff? I'll teach, repeat and you'll have several manifestation experiences.
  • Meditation (step by step) to help quiet the mind.
  • Free gifts.

About The Author:

About the Teacher.... Jennifer Elizabeth Masters has been manifesting since her twenties when she got her dream job as an Air Canada Flight Attendant. She has healed a traumatic past, come to a place to complete self-acceptance in 2012 when she became self-realized. She has overcome Fibromyalgia, Epstein-Barr (auto-immune disorder), anxiety, depression, codependency and low self-esteem.

Manifesting has become a way of life for Jennifer and she teaches you how with joy and fun. She has manifested husbands, practically free trips to Scotland, and free places to stay in the most expensive town in the US. Her style of teaching is relaxed which frees her listeners of stress and anxiety. As a healer, she is powerful and fearless.

Jennifer has been doubly trained as a Hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner in 1998, has been a trauma recovery coach since 2011, reads The Akashic Records (2010) and a master energy healer since 2007.

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