Journey Of Transformation in Italy

Unlock the power of your past in Italy with

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters


Licensed Tour Guide Allan Jenkins.

Our twelve-day Transformational journey represents the number of completion using the highest vibration possible.

Each day we will focus on grounding ourselves in the present for the greatest sensory experience. Italy is a delight to the senses with a focus on taste with delicious food, homemade pasta, cheese and wine (if desired at dinner), scents, sounds and experience of the history-steeped villages, canals, and alleys.

A journey to Venice and Tuscany offers more than just sightseeing opportunities; it offers an opportunity to explore your own creativity in an inspiring environment. From Venetian architecture to Tuscan hillside towns, this special corner of Europe has something for everyone—whether you're looking for inspiration or reflection. If you're ready to discover your inner artist on an unforgettable journey through Italy's most beautiful cities then book your trip today!


Departing from the US on August 23rd, arriving August 24th, at Venice International Airport, where a smiling tour guide, Allan Jenkins will pick you up.

We'll spend our first day in Venice, enjoying the sights, sounds of this ancient city, a gondola ride if you wish, and dinner one night overlooking the canal. Venice was created after the fall of Rome to protect those from marauders and looters. The Venetians creatively built Venice on mud, slime and dirt.

After a leisurely breakfast, we'll drive through the beautiful regions of Florence, Siena and Bologna on our way to Cortona to the region of Tuscany. It's a three-hour and forty-five minute drive through villages and farmland so you'll get to see the magical vistas you have heard people rave about or seen images of.

Once in Cortona you'll have time to relax and unwind at the beautiful villa, take a swim before dinner or a nap. We'll be taking day trips from our villa to villages and places of interest.

The villa grows fresh vegetables, grapes, olives and make their own pasta, olive oil, and wine.

Each morning you'll have time to meditate, ground and do some stretching and breathing exercises with me. I'll gently awaken your body after each day with Kundalini yoga and meditation for your lovely mind to ground you. Every day the group gets an energy clearing for worries, fears, and whatever is coming up.

We'll spend two days in historic Lucca and then back to Venice for our trip home. Twelve days total.

Deadline Extended to March 10th


We'll spend a full seven days in beautiful Tuscany!

Begin your day with a swim, Kundalini yoga, and or meditation.

Each day we'll have an experience in a little village, including:

Assisi, Florence, Peinza, Lucca, Montepuliciano, Casa de Lago and Cortona

Allan has been guiding tours through Italy for sixteen years. I'll have exact events (cooking classes, cheesemaking, or pasta making).

One day in Venice

Seven days in Tuscany Villa August 26 - Sept. 2

Two days in the Etruscan city of Lucca

Our last night is in Venice

All accommodations included

Allan is currently organizing 6 tours.

Our last day Day 12

We return for our final night in Venice in preparation for our return home. We'll have a closing meditation circle for completion of your Transformational Journey.

Enjoy private lodging in a Tuscany villa, home-cooked and fresh Italian food, private gondola tours through the Venetian canals, and more!

Private Tours with Allan Jenkins

Allan is adept at giving weary travelers rest when they need it. I've known Allan since my high school days, longer than I can count on many hands! Allan was always the "nice guy," helpful, happy, personable and kind. We couldn't have a better tour guide. Allan knows all about safety being a retired Toronto, Police officer and father.

I've personally taken two private tours around Scotland with Allan in 2018 and 2019.

Your Investment

$4650 USD

Half of total investment to be paid by March 1, 2023 to reserve your spot.

All payments must be paid in full by July 1, 2023.

Airport Transfers on Arrival and Departure Dates

Lodging Accommodations in Venice & Tuscany &Lucca

Evening Meals at the Tuscany Villa

Daily Guided Meditation, Kundalini Yoga & Energy Clearing

Private Group Tours w/ Allan Jenkins

What You'll Need

  • Sunglasses

  • Sunhat

  • Comfortable Walking Shoes

  • Comfortable Traveling Clothes

  • Toiletries

  • Medications

  • A Jacket or Shawl

  • Bathing Suit

  • Comfortable Yoga Attire

  • Yoga Mat

  • Passport

  • 500EU in cash (credit cards are accepted at most places) for incidentals

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